Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun night

Well, I'm free for one day..... I'm off tonight. I just got home and soaked in the shower....ahhh.. Ate my fattening ham and cheese biscuit and OJ. These couple of nights at work haven't been as bad as they have been. We've had plenty of " fun " Cool stuff like last night we had a man in v tach and got to shock him a couple of times.:o) Tonight we had one who's heart was racing in the 140's so we hooked him up to the machine, but just gave him some drugs instead and moved him to the unit....not as much fun. Out little young doctor who was on call last night is really good. I think he comes up here from Jackson and just works some weekends for Internal medicine every now and then. Someone told me he's actually a cardiologist. I think he is, last night and tonight he seemed quite at ease with our cardiac arrest people. I call him our little young doctor....he looks all of 22 years old. LOL. He looks like a t.v doc. All young and good looking, Like he just stepped off of grey's anatomy or I'm sure there's lots of nurses plotting their ways to get there claws in him.
At the exact same time we were all in the room with our cardiac guy the nurses at the other end were fighting off some guy that went nuts on Ambien. They had to get 3 security guards to get him back in the bed. He busted out of the restraints...... fun stuff..........all going on at the same time. :o) IT was almost like a full moon.
Lee had all the dishes washed and the laundry washed and folded, and the floors clean when I got home, so that's nice. I get to just come home and relax after the meeting.
Time to dry the hair.

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