Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm so glad to see the sun. I was starting to feel like a lived in the pacific northwest. And the humidity is so low! PERFECT camping weather. Today after we went to town for groceries ( I got out of walmart after spending only about 60 bucks-yay for me ), I got my foldout lounge chair, put on my skimpy coors swimsuit - Lee's pick ;), and laid out reading a book. I didnt even sweat! The humidity had to be like 10% or something today.
I can mark off one of the things that were on that list I made a while back of things to buy - a shower curtain! LOL............ a whole 2 dollars. Why do we do that? Put off buying a 2 dollar thing? Anyway. I only remembered to get it because this morning I cleaned my shower. And buddy did it need it. I HATE doing it. I guess because it never really LOOKS clean. The ceramic base needs refinished and it has been stained a slightly dingy color ever since we moved here. Who knows how long it's been that way. I filled it up to about 6 inches with bleach water and let it sit a few hours anyway. I think it may have helped a tad. Not enough. I also bought a new rug for the bathroom to replace my frazzled one. MY bathroom got a bit of a perk up today. :o) Now if I could make myself finish painting the ceiling.
My gardenia bush is blooming and blooming. It smells SOoooooooooooo good. IT's right out my bedroom window too. I picked one flower and put it in a small cup in my kitchen and it smells up the room so much. I wish they would last longer.
UGh.....time to go take a walk........I just ate cat fish, potatoes and slaw. I feel like a weigh a ton.

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Heather said...

I know what you mean. I hate cleaning the tub/shower. And we let our shower curtain liner go way too long w/o replacing it. Ours needs it now. I'll have to add that to my Walmart list for this evening!