Saturday, May 16, 2009

The happenings

I haven't had anything to blog about recently.......that's pretty bad because I ALWAYS have something to talk about. It has just been that boring around here. Well some nice citizen has stolen my garbage You know, the new ones that the county JUST put out for us. I think it was the 2nd week we had it. Yep, gone. HaHa..... I think it's funny. I hated the huge heavy thing anyway. So I guess we'll call the county and tell them. I don't know if they will make us get another one or not. All I know is I'm not going to pay for another one. They cost the county 47.50 I think I read. Supposedly they have some microchip implanted in them that they can find with GPS that has my address programmed into it. So maybe they can hunt it down and steal it back. That would be cool. A top secret garbage can
I feel lazy today. I slept until 10:15. I woke up with the most horrible shoulder pain, so I must have layed in a weird position for a long time. Like with my arm folded behing my back or something. Yesterday I woke up and I could not move or feel my left But at first I didn't even know I wasn't feeling my left arm. I kind of turned my head and out of the corner of my eye I saw this big thing on my pillow...I was thinking What is that? IT was my arm. HAHA... I just could'nt feel so in my mind it didn't feel like it should be laying way over that direction. It was so weird! Like at first when I realized it was an arm I was looking at I was like " oh! there's someone's ARM in my bed!" Then I realized it was attatched to me. And I couldn't make it move, so I had to pick it up and move it as I rolled over. Such a weird feeling.
Gotta get moving.........go drink my coffee.

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Heather said...

ROFLOL! OK I have had a good laugh about your arm. I've done that before too. It is so strange!