Sunday, April 5, 2009

The weekend so far

Friday night we drove up to southhaven with Emily and Gary. Alot of people I work with talk about going to southhaven to shop. I think that will be my new shopping place too. No more BArtlet. I like it because I never felt like I was about to get carjacked or anything. And you don't have to get on the crazy 240 loop to get to it. I hate memphis driving. This time we weren't there to shop though........we had our special assembly day on saturday. We sat downstairs. WE rarely do that because we get there too late. IT's nice to see the faces of the people on the stage. Mom had an interview, so that's why we got there early enough to sit down there. IT seems that it's more conducive to conversation too. We just basically had to stand in one spot and everyone came to WE talked to Larry and Kathy Hood for a long time......we found out that we just missed Terry, Dan Hills, and Doris Ramsey. They all were here for Billy and Kathy's 40th anniversary a few weeks ago. We were like" what's up? something wrong with your phone?" LOL. We've been talking about going to visit Doris soon. We've missed Dan at least 3 times. we always hear he's been through here about a week after he's gone. I Think we should go visit him too.......he lives in Montana now. I'm up for Montana. Then we could take a little trip up to Libby. ( that's the town we were going to try to move to when we got married. ) Lee also met Br Stephens, from the Okolona cong........they exchanged numbers. Br Stephens likes to tinker around with engines. Right now he's building an old Chevy pick they had plenty to talk about. TAlked to Kim for a minute. Found out that Jeff Brown is having a baby.........well, not JEFF, but his
ON the way home from the assembly, we decided to stop in New Albany for supper. THat's our usual stopping place. Well, we all got the bright idea to find Tim and Diane's WE thought it was going to be some big adventure and hard. Well, somehow we found it literally in like 3 We didn't stop, I don't like to just show up with no warning anywhere. We went on to eat and as we were getting up from our table, I happened to look out the window and there was Tim driving through in his By the time we got outside he was gone again. Emily texted him a couple times and that was the end of our adventure.

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