Monday, April 6, 2009

New recipes

IT feels like december outside! I just covered some stuff up with a tarp in the front flower bed. Now the puppies think that is for them to sit on! I have gone out and shooed them off 3 times now! They need to take their little butts back to the shed and get away from my plants. WE have the fire blazing again. I'm glad because I want to burn up what wood is left on the porch.
I tried a new recipe tonight for supper. Cresent Roll chicken. It was very good. You just mix up 2 cups of shredded chicken with some minced onion , cream cheese, butter and I added some mushrooms. Then you roll the cresent rolls out and sqeeze together the 2 triangles to make a rectangle. ( you end up with 4 rectangles. ) You put a glob of the chicken in the middle and bring the corners up and pinch to seal, then bake it for 30 minutes on 350. They are cute little things. and tasty. I bet some green chilles would be good in it too.
I also tried another recipe too.......some kind of blueberry pie. I haven't tasted it yet though. Too full. It's chilling in the frige.
I looked at scrapbooking magazines at walmart today. It put me in the mood. I may work on my recipe book this evening. I'm ready to make an album of pictures too. I need to print my pics from last year's Florida trip. I bought a magazine called ALL YOU. IT's not a scrapbook magazine, but it has alot of coupons in it. I recommend it if you clip coupons. That's the reason I bought it. And it has a 50 cents off the next issue coupon in it.. that's why I bought this one- a girl I work with gave me the coupon from her issue. So now I can use the coupon in my issue to get the NEXT one 50 cents off too. :o)

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