Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I got up around 1 or 1:30 - I got home from work at 7:45, so that is ok today. :o) After I ate lunch and watched some jeopardy, I made a list and headed to walmart. Well, we headed to walmart. Walmart never ceases to make me dislike them. IT's always something..... I have a shower at work this weekend- this time not for a baby. A wedding. She is registered at Walmart. Well guess what....our walamrt had a sign over the registry thingy that said they were sorry for the inconvenience, but it was not available at our store at this time. GRRRRRR!!!!! So I can't get her gift in Amory........ So I got the things on my list there and a few other things. I couldn't help but buy some new gardening gloves and some flower seeds. I want to try to start some indoors and see if that works out. IT would be way cheaper that way. And you can buy seeds of plants that you usually can't buy too. So I bought some purple coneflower seeds- echinacea. They are perennial of course....that's what I usually lean towards. These coneflowers are great for borders or backgrounds. I'm planning on putting them in my front flower bed. They like sun. They have that wild flower look.
After we dropped off our groceries at home, we headed to Tupelo. We needed to go the Barnes and Noble anyway to get some books for Lyndsay's baby shower. It's a baby book shower. Cute idea. Tonight is the first time I've really snooped around in Barnes and Noble's I like it. They have really cute stationary and even a tad bit of scrapbooking stuff. I'd like to go back and spend an afternoon really looking around and trying Starbucks. I've never had anything from there. I have no clue what anything is. I need to go with Heather.
We went to Walmart and I settled on a knife set for the wedding gift- it was the only thing I could actually FIND on the list! WE were leaving Walmart and we were eyeballing Logan's - we don't need to spend the money on that. Lee was like " Man, look at all the people eating at logans." And we're both licking our lips and thinking about how we need to be saving money. Then he says " So do you want taco bell?" LOL We both laughed out loud. We ate at taco bell. We were good. That was the first time I'd been in since they have Spiffed them up. It's actually pretty cool in there.
After we got home I folded about 100 pounds of clothes it seems like. And put 50 more pounds in the wash - I'm waiting on the bed sheet now so I can GO TO BED! Lee did some homework. Then we watched Kung Fu Panda. Cute. I had to eat some popcorn - I bought a new flavor. Good stuff. IT Orville Redenwhatever Natural Lime and salt. D-li- shus. You can just taste a hint of Lime, but you can really smell it! It smells like a big margarita. I like anything with lime. Those tortilla chips with the lime are good too. In my opinion anyway.
MY advise for the day - try the lime and salt popcorn.


Heather said...

Never had anything from Starbucks?!? GIRL. We are going to have to meet at B&N one day, get us a couple of mochas, find some good books and sit around and read and drink our coffees. I love B&N!

By the way, the lime popcorn does sound good. I love Orville Redenbacher (sp?) natural salt & pepper popcorn. I haven't seen the lime flavor...I'll keep an eye out for that!

Gary and Emily said...

I work with a girl that works at the b&n starbucks. I'm sure she could tell you all about everything. I have been wanting to go in there too. but evertime I'm at the mall garys with me and we are usually in a hurry to get somewhere else.To bad I don't work close to it huh?