Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Movie!

Ok, here is my personal review of The Express:
Excellent. It is really good football movie that is about way more than football. IT is the true story of Ernie Davis- the first black Heisman trophy winner. Really REally good story. Ladies - be prepared to cry. And maybe even some guys too. I wasn't really expecting it to be anything special, but I was wrong. And it is only PG. :o) After the movie was over we watched all the extra behind the scenes and other stories about the legacy of Ernie Davis. Two thumbs up. Rent it. You won't be sorry........................ok that concludes my movie review for today.
On to something that I can' t help but write about because next year when I am looking back and reading the happenings of this year, I want to remember this funny thing.... I'm back here in the computer room. I JUST walked back here past ALL the other rooms in the house including both bathrooms.... I here my phone ring in the living room. SO I walk very swiftly back through the house again, past ALL the rooms to get to my phone. And this is the short conversation : " Hello?" ............. "Hey, can you bring me some toilet paper?"
He can't be mad at me for posting this.......if he can comment at the thursday night meeting about how he chooses to read his text on the toilet every morning, I think this would be no more embarassing. LOL!


Heather said...

LOL!!!! Well, I was ready to tell you that you were going to be in trouble for posting that until I continued reading and saw his comment at the KH. OMG. I would have died! LOL

Gary and Emily said...

HAHA mom said something about that during the meeting tonight.Hey I hit a bird yesterday!!! thanks alot for jinxing me haha