Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'm just killing time before I leave for work. I hate it being dark when I leave. I can't wait until the time changes again! Lee went to Tupelo with Emily and Gary to eat. I decided that the wait would be too long tonight and I'd probably have to leave before I could eat. It is the last saturday before christmas so I think Tupelo will be a zoo.
This is my last 6 in a row to work. I changed my schedule up some so I could break it up and get every sunday off. So now I will work the tuesday that WAS in the middle of my 8 and then I'll work fri sunday, then mon tues day wed. So I'll still have thursday through monday off. I'm just going to try it out...... it has to be better than working 6 in a row. I finally got my schedule last night for the new years.......I have to work new years day ( night ) which is thursday. :o( Oh well, we have to work one or the other and so I have to take my turn. I will actually get over time that week so that will some nice extra money. Time for work.....

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Gary and Emily said...

You should have known better than that, We have Gary remember!! We got right in.MMM it was good too. Traffic actually wasn't bad it was WWWAAAYYY worse Friday!!!