Thursday, December 18, 2008


I just finished painting my nightstand black.....well, I'll probably put another coat on in a little while. My chest of drawers is next. I'm trying to get my bedroom looking more uniform. It's so BLAH...... the furniture doesn't match and the bedding is so blah.....My bedskirt doesn't match the quilt that is on the bed and the pillows are plain cases that don't match very well.......yada yada yada. The whole room is cream......carpet, walls, trim, ceiling..... so that is the brightest room in the whole house- keep in mind that this is the room that I have to sleep in during the daylight hours a few days a week. Any little smidge of light that comes in reflects in the whole room. So, I've decided I have to repaint. Going to go for a darker, more classy look. I'm probably going to do something like the color of an elephant or clay. IT's darker, sleepier and relaxing. At least that's what I'm thinking now. I also thought of a deep red too, but not too sure about that. I'll probably stick with the neutral. And bring in my red with other things in the room. I ordered my bedding set this afternoon- that's what is pictured. ( I used some of my walmart gift card that was my bonus this year from work ) I ordered the pillows that go with the bed too. I've never been able to splurge and actually by the pillows and things that are on the bed in the picture of the comforter. :o) My little treat for myself. And I still have 100 dollars left on my card to spend! Woo Hoo! I should be able to buy curtains and sheets ( If I don't buy the cream color, I'm going to get deep red ) and maybe a lamp or something. All the furniture is going to be black when I'm done. I seem to have a thing for black..... I painted my kitchen cabinets black, and I made a little dresser into my TV stand in the living room and I painted it black..... Now my bedroom is getting the treatment. I really enjoy repainting furniture. I loved taking that old ran down, beat up dresser out of our barn and making it my entertainment center. ( I'll try to post a pic ). I'd like to try to buy some beat up something at a yard sale and see if I could redo it and resale it. Ok- time to check my paint. :o)

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Heather said...

I love the new comforter set! That's awesome you could get that with your bonus. Our WM gift card was only $25. LOL bad as business has been I was surprised to get that much!