Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Br Brooks

We had such a great talk from Br Brooks tonight. The proper food at the proper time. It was all about dealing with the pressure from the world these days. I enjoyed how he read 2 tim 3:1-5 from the Living Bible. It was interesting that it said that "in those days it would be difficult to be a christian" and in verse 5 says "they will go to church but will not believe anything they hear". It's nice to here how different bibles word things. He focused on 2 specific needs #1 material things and what we REALLY need to live. He really stressed how important it is to keep a simple eye and watching our credit cards. I like how he used the term ' plastic surgery ' as in cutting up the credit cards. :o) He gave an example of a brother and and his wife and 4 of his 5 children all were able to pioneer and he didn't own a credit card. But one day he decided to activate one ' just in case ' well, he ended up buying things that he wouldn't buy normally if he still had no credit card and it started to really make his budget tight and he was possibly going to have to quit pioneering. He recognized the problem, performed "plastic surgery" and was able to keep pioneering. And then he talked about health problems and how one day we won't even be able to remember what it felt like. He was like " 5 years into the new system we'll be like'ya I lived in the old system. I even lived at the very end in the last days and man was it horrible!' Then 25 years later we'll be like " yep I lived in the old system it was pretty bad, but it didn't last long and I'm loving the paradise." Then 500 years later we'll be like ya I lived in the old system I think it was not too easy." 5000 years later we'll be like old system? Don't remember too much about it. " ISn't that weird to think of 5000 years later? Anyway.......through the whole talk it was stressed that this is all temporary temporary temporary. And satan is trying to make it seem sooooo unbearble and that it is going to last forever. ahhhhhh so refreshing. I wish I would have recorded it. And it was nice to see The C.o actually getting to sit and enjoy the meeting and being encouraged......not having to be up there giving a talk. He referred to Br Brooks' talk as a ' nice booster shot ' It was a full hall. I actually had to SEARCH for a place to sit!


Heather said...

That sounds like an awesome talk! I love how Jah always gives us the proper food at the proper time. The bookstudy this week (and also my talk Thursday) was a good reminder for me about me about his mercy & patience.

Rachel said...

Cool! Those are always the most encouraging, when it feels like they are talking just to you. I believe it about Satan trying to make it seem ubearable and like it is going to last forever. Today is one of those days. But that helped my feelings. :)