Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dinner with the In-Laws

Today we went to Lesa and Scotts for dinner. I still feel like I just ate even though it's been about 5 hours ago. Every time we go up there we come home with a ton of food. I shouldn't have to cook lunch tomorrow. I have plenty of ham, dressing, gravy, rolls, grape salad, and a whole choclate dream that hasn't been touched. AND We also came home with a game cube with a scoobie doo game and a kitchen Aid mixer. Yaaaaaa. IT's like a 300 dollar mixer and it had an inch of dust on it because she didn't like how it wouldn't tilt. So I've inherited it. It's that slate grey color. It matches my frige and my microwave. :o) Maybe I'll bake something tomorrow. I need to go visit more often. Maybe next time I'll come home with a new car or something. HAHAHA! J/K And guess what she had laying on her table.....................a scrapbook page! She enjoys it too! She went to a sister's house who I guess had a scrapping night. So I'll have to have her over to come do it at my house now. She is like me when it comes to seeing cool little decorating tricks in magazines and trying them out.......well, she actually DOES it more than me. Her house always inspires me to come home and paint or do something to my house. Everytime I go up there at least one of her rooms is a different color than it was the last time. She is a very creative person.
Yesterday we were lazy all day and watched football. The egg bowl was a total blow out. 45 to 0. And coach Croom resigned today. Go I can't wait to see how Ole Miss does next season! I really want to go to a game. I say that every year, but haven't gone in years.
I saw a picture of my new neice........Ava Brooke. Lee's brother, Jared's little girl. And I guess my other neice that will be here in March will be named Addison Grace. ( Chad and Lyndsay's ) We already have a Tayler Grace in the family. Anyway.......that's what's been going on this weekend so far.


Heather said...

Very cool about the Kitchen Aid! I've been saying I want one. There's all kinds of attachments you can get. One of them does sausage. Brandon wants that so we can make our own boudain. LOL OH and I forgot Lesa scrapbooks!! I did a party for her years ago when I started selling supplies. You guys will have to get together and scrap sometime. :)

Gary and Emily said...

what kind of kitchen aid is it, a pro 600? The Artisan is on sale for 299.99 with 20 mail in....I'll keep you posted on the sales :)

Heather said...

Uhhhh....ya I guess. I know it's 600 watts. YA that's what it is. I just looked at it.